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Essential Karate 

Fundamental of Karate

To practice Karate effectively and safely, you must first condition your body these basic exercises should be performed often and repeatedly in order to build up strength and flexibility (and reduce the chances of injuries).

10. Leg stretching exercise

Sit with your legs spread apart as far as possible to either side. Grasp one knee with both hands and gradually pull until your chest is over that knee, being sure you keep the leg flat on the floor. Return to the starting position, place one hand on each ankle, and try to touch your chest to the floor. This exercise is good for stretching the calf and thigh muscles, which will improve the performance of any kicking technique.

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11. Neck exercises

These exercises are important for developing a strong, flexible neck, which will protect the part of the spinal code in this area. The exercises consist of rotating the neck around to the left and right, forward and backwards.

12. Back stretching exercise

Start with your legs spread wide apart, then bend forward and support yourself on your fists and feet. Now, stretch your upper body as far forward as possible, and arch your back without touching your chest to the floor.

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13. Knee bend exercise

Bend your knees and lower you hips. Place your hands on the tops of the knees and straighten your legs while pushing against the knees. This exercise will aid extension of the legs when performing any of the kicking techniques.

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14. Flexibility exercise for the legs

Start by spreading your legs wide apart. Bend one knees, keeping the knees extendedA and lower your body. Place one hand on each knee. Try to touch the calf of the extended leg to the floor by pressing down on the knee with your hand. Avoid leaning too far forward. Repeat the procedure with the other leg.

15. Finger exercise

Start with the fingertips together and gradually bring your hands together until the base of the fingers (not the palms) are touching, by strongly pressing the fingers against each other (your knuckles should (``crack``)

16. Chest to feet exercise

Start in a seated position with the sole of your feet touching. Grasp your feet with both hands and bend the upper body forward until your chest is touching your feet.    

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17. Shotei -zuke (hip exercise)

This exercise begins in the Musubi -tachi stance (described on page 51). Bend your body forward at the waist, and touch the floor with your palms without bending your knees. Place the hands close to the feet and gradually move them until they are behind the feet, still flat on the floor with the fingers pointing back. Vary this exercise by spreading the legs wide apart and placing the right palm in front of the left leg. Repeat with the left hand and the right leg.

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