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Essential Karate 

Fundamental of Karate

2. Uraken (Back Fist)
There are two basic methods for using this fist. In the first, the fist is clenched in the same way as it is in the Seiken position. How ever, in the Uraken position the object is struck by the back of the knuckles rather than the front (1). With this method, the spring action of the wrist facilitates the striking of an opponent who is either very close or at your side. In the second method (2), the fist held in the normal position for Seiken. The difference is in the thrust, for in this position the punch is delivered with the fist palm up. At the moment of impact, there should be a slight twist in the wrist to maximize this punch's effectiveness.

A. Uraken - shomen - uchi (back fist frontal punch)

In this position, the striking fist is held close to the body at about shoulder height, with the back of the hand facing the opponent. The fist is then thrust forward to strike the opponent's face. The actual striking can either be from directly in front or from slightly above, depending upon the degree of bending in the wrist.
B. Uraken - sayu - uchi (back fist one - two punch)

Here, the elbows and fists are held at chest height with the back of the hands facing the opponent. Then, using the elbows as pivots, thrust forward and strike with each fist in sequence. These punches are intended mainly for the face, and each should be pulled back immediately after hitting its mark (this will allow for greater speed). Maximum power will be created by the effective twisting of the hips as well as a pushing off from the opponent as each punch is thrown.
C. Uraken - hizo - uchi (back fist punch to the spleen)

In the starting position, the fists are held at navel level, one in front of the other. Then, using the elbows as pivots, thrust the fist to the opponent's side (either to the left or right, as needed). The primary target is the gut area.
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D. Uraken - mawashi - uchi (turning or roundhouse punch with back fist)

Again, start with the fist in the back fist position, but this time twist your body so that your fist is hidden from the opponent. Swing the striking arm outwards from the side in a large half - circle motion and strike the opponent on the side of the head or behind the ear. The twisting of the hips and the snapping back of the other arm is essential for maximum power to be generated in the striking fist. This punch is most useful against a taller attacker.
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